a democratic magic: the gathering format

Archon was created as an alternative to Duel Commander. We believe that some changes are needed to create a more competitive and fun format. We also strongly believe that all decisions made to shape the format, be it bannings or rule changes, should be transparent and approved by the community.

To get rid of this problem Archon does not have a group of people who can decided as they please on what will be changed in the format. Instead we elect members of the community for a limited time to be part of the Archon Council. The Archon Council can then make proposals for changes, be that cards getting added or removed from banlists or other changes to the format. Each proposal will be well justified and afterwards be subject to a community vote. The proposal will only be accepted if two-thirds of the votes cast are in favor of the proposal.

To be as transparent as possible we will add to each banned card a reasoning why the card is banned. Please be patient with us, this can take some time. Also this is a great process to reevaluate each banned card and identify cards that could be proposed for unbanning.

The philosophy of Archon

When making decisions the community and the Archon Council should keep our philosophy in mind. This philosophy can change over time, but should only be changed via a community vote.

How does the voting work?

In general, everyone can participate in our voting on our Discord. Since we hold our votes online, it is unfortunately necessary that we protect ourselves against the fact that someone could try to influence the votes. To do this, it is necessary that we assign the right to participate in our votes by hand. If you are part of a community that is already active on this discord, you can contact your mod, identify yourself and get your right to vote.

Otherwise, please contact one of the Archons. They can appoint other community mods or, in individual cases, grant the right to vote. For this it would be optimal if you could show, for example through tournament participation, that you are active and a real person.

What are we working on, right now?

We are working at the moment on a system that represents as many communities as possible in the Archon Council.

Last but not least we are already working on some possible changes to Archon, but we want to include as many people as possible in that process. So if you are interested in participating do not hesitate to contact us.