Update to our voting system

Greetings everybody,

The vote on the new voting system is now closed. 44 were in favour of this change and 3 were against this change. This means that 94% of the community has voted in favour of implanting it and it has led to the following changes, applicable immediately:

  • Four of the five Archons will need to be in favour of a change for it to be put to the vote.
  • The threshold for a change to be approved of the community is more than half of all votes.
  • There are three options in a regular vote. Against, in favour and blank. Any vote that does not reach either more than half of positive votes or more than half of negative votes will be automatically held again two months after the day when the results are released, this time without the option to a blank vote.
  • There is a mandatory six-month delay between votes on the same issue, excepting votes that are held again automatically as the result of an inconclusive result. Revotes have to be approved by a simple majority of the Community Mods before they are presented to the community.

You are welcome to discuss the change in our #voting-system channel on our Discord.