Card legality

Players may only use cards as specified in rule 3.3 of the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules. However, gold- and square-bordered cards are also allowed in Archon tournaments as long as they are not distinguishable from the rest of your deck. This can be achieved by using opaque sleeves, for example. The following cards may not be used in Archon:

  • Silver-borderd cards.
  • Cards with an acorn security stamp.
  • Conspiracy cards.
  • Oversized and other miscellaneous cards such as Planechase Planes, Archenemy Schemes, Vanguard cards, Helvault cards, etc.
  • Cards removed from constructed formats by Wizards for being racially or culturally offensive.
  • Cards that reference “playing for ante”.
  • Cards that require some sort of physical skill, such as Chaos Orb and Falling Star.
  • Cards that create subgames