Archon is a democratically managed, 1vs1 Commander format. It is focused on competitive play and all changes to the format are made transparently and with the approval of the community.

The members of the Council—the Archons—are elected by the community once a year. They are responsible for the proposal of all sorts of new changes to the format, as well as for providing the community with detailed explanations whenever a proposal is put up to a vote. For a change to be approved, it needs to have the approval of, at least, half of the community. The details on how voting works can be found below.

Every community of Archon players can also choose one of their members to be their Community Moderator. These representatives are in close contact with the Council and they can relay directly to the Archons any suggestions, concerns, or complaints their community might have.

The philosophy of Archon

When making decisions, both the community and the Council should keep in mind the philosophy of the format. While it can change over time, it should only ever do so via a community vote. These are the main principles of Archon:

  • Archon should be played competitively, both in tournaments and otherwise.
  • Archon is a singleton format where you play with at least 100 cards in your deck. This promotes diversity in gameplay.
  • Commander-centric strategies are encouraged in Archon.
  • Access to extra mana should come at the price of meaningful resources.
  • The ability to interact with a particular strategy should not be limited to a minority of decks.
  • All changes to Archon should be made as democratically and transparently as possible.

How does the voting work?

Members of the community can vote on the official Archon Discord server. Since we hold our votes online, there are some measures in place to ensure that no one can unfairly influence them. Thus, only people with a special Discord role are able to participate in the voting process. You can request your Community Moderator to assign this role to you.

If your community is not already active on the Archon Discord, please contact one of the Archons, as they can appoint new Community Moderators and, should it be necessary, grant you the right to vote on a particular basis. In this case, you might be asked to show proof that you are an active player and a real person—for example, by showing tournament results.

The voting process follows these rules:

  • Three of the five Archons will need to be in favour of a change for it to be put to the vote.
  • The threshold for a change to be approved of the community is more than half of all votes.
  • There are three options in a regular vote. Against, in favour and blank. Any vote that does not reach either more than half of positive votes or more than half of negative votes will be automatically held again two months after the day when the results are released, this time without the option to a blank vote.
  • There is a mandatory six-month delay between votes on the same issue, excepting votes that are held again automatically as the result of an inconclusive result. Revotes have to be approved by a simple majority of the Community Mods before they are presented to the community.

The current Council

At the moment, the Archon Council consists of five people. It will end its term on the 15th of October 2023.

Johannes Pieperbeck

Discord: Kokatsu

Jan Tekülve

Discord: theymademedothat

Lukas Engels
Discord: chiwengels

Sebastian Nußbaum

Discord: QKey1

Manuel Faber

Discord: branderpilot

Elections to the Council

Archons are elected to have their positions for a term of one year. The next election will take place from the 1st of October 2023 to the 15th of October 2023.

You can nominate someone for election via Please, include some details on how to contact the nominee.

You can find a detailed explanation of how the electoral process works here: Voting System for electing Archons.

Should an Archon step down from their position before finishing their term, the next highest-voted candidate from the last election will be appointed to replace them.