November 2021 Votes

Greetings everybody,

the Archon Council decided to put two changes to the vote. You can vote on the following changes:

You can had over to our Discord to cast your vote! You have time to do so until 15-Nov-2021 12:00 CET.

Here are the reasonings for the proposed changes:

Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
Rofellos was banned in all Commander formats in 2007, as he has the potential to enable turn-3 wins in combination with cards like Staff of Domination or Umbral Mantle. This is problematic in multiplayer Commander, since most decks are light in interaction, but we don’t believe it to be a good reason to keep him banned in Archon. Most Archon decks run high amounts of interaction and should be able to easily stop Rofellos before he generates any advantage, most likely leaving its pilot with a hand full of overcosted spells. While Rofellos decks should have a hard time being at the top of the format due to this, we still think that he has the potential to be a reasonably strong commander that could slightly boost the mono-green archetype at a time when it’s mostly absent from the format. For these reasons, we propose that Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary be unbanned

Breya, Etherium Shaper
Breya was banned shortly after being printed back in 2016, since she was perceived to be the best control commander in the format. Her activated ability was believed to be enough to overwhelm the opponent’s board while also enabling effortless combo-based wins. However, we believe that Archon is now at a point where she wouldn’t dominate the format. While Breya can potentially be built to fit several different archetypes (mainly control, reanimator, storm, and combo), this flexibility doesn’t come without its downsides. Her casting cost is quite restrictive and puts significant strain on the manabase of any deck willing to consistently cast her on curve and, on top of that, there are other decks that do similar things in arguably more efficient ways (such as Akiri/Silas for combo builds, and Tymna/Kraum for control shells). All things considered, and while Breya would most likely be a strong commander in Archon, we don’t believe her to be strong enough to continue being banned. Therefore, we propose that Breya, Etherium Shaper be unbanned.