What is the Watchlist?

To make the processes leading to changes on the Banlist votes more transparent, the Archon Council decided to implement a watchlist. Items on the watchlist represent changes that are under closer inspection by at least one Archon until the next council meeting. Being on the watchlist is the only way a change can be put for a vote with the exception of emergency bannings.

How do cards enter/leave the Watchlist?

In each council meeting, all changes on the watchlist are evaluated by the council and it is decided whether: the change remains on the watchlist, the change leaves the watchlist, or the change is put up for vote through the community. Additionally, for all changes that have been discussed in the Archon Discord recently, it is decided whether they enter the watchlist.

  • For a change to enter/remain on the watchlist it is sufficient that at least one Archon is interested in keeping the change on the watchlist. Archons that put the change on the watchlist volunteer to actively discuss and test the change in question until the next council meeting.
  • If no Archon is interested in keeping the change on the watchlist, it is removed from/not put on the watchlist.
  • If four out of five Archons agree on the proposed change, it will be put up for a vote by the community

Potential Changes

Ban Underworld Breachmonitored by all ArchonsDiscord: Ban Underworld Breach